Call for Papers

The Social Quest (TSQ) invites articles for its first issue. The goal is to build a critical scholarship on contemporary issues of society, economy, culture, polity. This call for papers is interdisciplinary in scope and not restricted to any specific disciplinary, theoretical or methodological perspective.


Authors are invited to submit articles not exceeding 2000 words by 31st January 2022. The manuscript will go through a peer review process before being considered for publication. TSQ seeks to publish articles in all areas of social sciences. Please submit your pieces to


Broad Themes

Contributors can send entries related to the following broad themes, though not limited to these only:

  • Social: structures, practices, institutions, behaviours, solidarity, conflict

  • Economic: actions, decisions, problems, crisis, inequalities, development

  • Political: institutions, behaviour, domination, contestation, ambitions

  • Spatial: mobility, relations, anxieties, segregations, regional

  • Cultural: aspirations, practices, rituals, customs, revival

  • Symbolic: worldviews, meanings, performances, aesthetics

  • Methodological & pedagogical:  issues, concerns, challenges, critiques

Submission Guidelines

Contributors should limit their length of entries of not more than 2000 words. Authors must carefully formulate the title, keywords and abstract of their articles, as these are key to ensuring readers find your article online through search engines. The text should be double spaced throughout and font size of standard criteria of 12 with Times New Roman style. 

We seek to establish the integrity of the blog and therefore will always examine the submissions for plagiarism. Where an article, for example, is found to have plagiarised from some other sources, work or any copyright material without permission, proper citation or with insufficient acknowledgement, we reserve the right to retract the article.

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